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Payment Methods

We have lots of convenient ways to pay into your savings or loan account or into any combination you wish. You can use any or all of them, whatever suits you best.

  • Cash at any Gateway office
  • Cheque at any Gateway office or by post (including cheques payable to you) Please note that cheques take 2 weeks to clear.
  • Allpay card for cash sums over £10 - call us to request a card.
  • Standing Order using this form or our bank account details below.
  • Payroll deduction from your pay with participating employers.
  • Have one of your benefits paid directly to the credit union using this form.
  • One-off electronic payment from your bank account using the details below:
    BankCo Operative Bank PLC
    sort code08-90-07
    a/c no67001068
    referenceyour member no/Surname/First inital eg 1234SmithJ

Please ensure that you enter the correct payment reference or we may not be able to identify your payment. Please note that larger or unexpected electronic payments may be subject to 2 weeks clearance before they can be withdrawn.

The payment will normally be processed to your ordinary share account. However, if you would like it processed to a different account please let us know.

Please do not make more than one electronic payment to your Gateway Credit Union accounts on any working day as our systems may not recognise the second payment.