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Special Events Account

This is the account for you if you want to save for a particular purpose. You set the rules with this account:- you can choose whether or not you want to be able to access your savings, or whether to avoid temptation by 'locking' the account until a particular date. You can also set a savings target.

If you want to name a different beneficiary for your Special Events Account you can, making it ideal for leaving a lump sum to children or grandchildren.

You can pay in by any of our payment methods, and can even split your regular payment between your savings and loan accounts. If you like to keep your savings in separate 'pots' you can open several Special Events Accounts.

Like all your other Gateway Savings, your money is 100% safe, and receives an annual dividend, 0.25% in 2017-18.  We will send you an annual statement, but you can also get a passbook to record payments, and can ask for a statement or see your balance online at any time.

Gateway members are currently using Special Events Accounts to save for weddings, trips abroad, big birthday and anniversary parties, school proms, a summer holiday fun fund, a new car, home improvements or to leave a sum for funeral expenses. What will you choose to save for?

Open a Special Events Account with this form and your first payment. You can only open a Special Events Account  when you are a Gateway member. To join, click here.

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