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Secured Loan

Borrow against your savings with a secured loan. If you want to keep your savings untouched, take a loan instead. Secured loans between £150 and £10,000 are available over anything between a few weeks and 5 years at a flat rate of 0.5% interest (6.2%APR) up to £1,999 and from £2,000 a rate of 0.3% applies (3.7%APR). Your savings are locked until the loan is repaid. Give us a call for a quote.  

Preserve the insurance on your savings and get free life insurance cover on loans taken out before your 70th birthday.

To apply complete this form and send it in for a fast-track approval.  

Secured Loan examples

£500 over 12 months......... Repayment of £44 pm, total to repay £516.07
£1,000 over 12 months.......Repayment of £87 pm, total to repay £1,032.84
£2,000 over 24 months.......Repayment of £87 pm, total to repay £2,075.76

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