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Regular Loans

This is our standard loan product available in amounts from £150 to £10,000, subject to status and approval. The interest rates vary between 9.4% and 42.6% (representative APR) depending on the size of the loan and, for some larger loans, the history of the borrower. Please note, from May 2020 we are currently not accepting applications for loans over £5000, unless the member is a homeowner or works for one of our payroll partner employers, and the maximum loan term we are considering is 4 years.  

We lend for any reasonable purpose, for instance Christmas, repairs, holidays, vets' bills, a new car, moving home, furniture, kitchen appliances, or for home improvements. If you are looking to make a new start and take control of your finances, we may be able to offer you a loan to pay outstanding bills, credit cards and other lenders. 

We also offer lower rates to members who work for certain employers and repay directly from pay. This is our Payroll Partner loan.

Our loan decisions are made by local people, not a computer. We take your individual circumstances into account and often lend to people who would have difficulty borrowing elsewhere, including tenants and people on benefits. 
 We don't charge settlement or early repayment charges and interest is calculated daily on the reducing balance, so if you repay early, you save money. 

We also offer Free life insurance on all loans taken out before your 70th birthday.

But you don't just take out a loan, you become a member of a growing financial co-operative, and have access to all our services. By choosing Gateway Credit Union you help us to grow and offer fair financial services to all in your local community. 

We expect you to save as well as borrow
We require all borrowers to save a small amount, £2 or £3 per week (or monthly equivalent), into your Attached Savings account, which is locked until the balance is greater than the loan balance . However, we do not restrict you from withdrawing your other savings while you have a loan with us.

We're better than your bank! 
If you can get a cheaper loan from a high street bank (between £2,000 and £7,000 over 1 to 5 years) we will match the rate offered, and add our usual free life insurance.

Download a loan application form here or apply online 


Gateway Credit Union 21, Commercial Street Pontypool NP4 6JQ Telephone 01495 832111
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