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Splash out this summer!

For hundreds of local families, the Credit Union means holidays without worrying about the bills. Either they save around the year for their summer trip, or take out a loan to spread the cost around the year. Or both! You can make payments direct from your pay, or use your Child Benefit, or set up a regular standing order from the bank.

Our typical holiday loan is £600 repaid at £14/ week plus £2 into savings.(total repaid £691.23, 34.5% APR) But we also lend larger amounts, and every year we see a few members call in for their dream trip, or to set off on the road in their new campervan, financed through the Credit Union.

So what's your plan for this summer? Will it be a week in a caravan in Tenby, or a tour of the Riviera?

To apply for a loan click here

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