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New Cash ISA Account

Please note: As from May 2020 we are not currently opening new ISA Accounts and are temporarily restricting deposits into existing ISA accounts to £3000 in the year.


There is general information on ISA accounts here

The Gateway ISA is a Cash ISA. Each year you can save up to the annual ISA allowance in ISA savings. The interest you receive is tax-free and you do not need to report it on your tax return.  

We are obliged to submit annual reports to HMRC as ISA providers.

Interest is added to the account each April. 

If you withdraw money from your ISA account during the tax year year, there is an interest penalty and you will receive only 0.25% interest during that tax year (we suggest that members keep the savings they might want to access in their Share Account).

To apply for an ISA you must be already be a Gateway Credit Union member.

As with all your accounts, you can pay into your ISA by any method, standing order, payroll deduction, cash, cheque or benefits. You can withdraw your money at any time by phone, post or online, although for larger withdrawals we may require additional security checks such as asking you to come in with ID.  

There is a minimum deposit of £250 to open a Gateway ISA account. If the balance falls below £250 your Gateway ISA will be closed.

You must keep your Credit Union membership active while you have an ISA with us, with a minimum balance of £3 in your Share Account and payment of the annual membership fee. If you do not keep the minimum balance in your Share Account your annual membership fee may be deducted from your ISA account.   

If you already have an ISA account you may wish to  arrange to have the balance transferred to Gateway. If it is transferred by us from provider to provider it will not count as part of your ISA allowance for this tax year.   Please email us to arrange this, or if you have any other queries. 

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