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Homeowner Loan


If you're a homeowner with healthy finances, we know you'll have lots of options when you come to borrow. We'd like you to choose Gateway Credit Union so we've lowered our rates for unsecured loans for you. Rates start at a competitive 4.9%APR. 

To qualify, we'll need to see that:

(If you apply and we don't think you meet these criteria we may offer the loan at a different interest rate)  

Loan Example: £5000 over 3 years, repayments £153/month +£15 savings, 6.2% APR

Total repaid £5472.98. 

Why choose us? 

In an age of callcentres and automated service we offer a personal service to our members.You can apply online or in one of our local offices. Your application will be handled in confidence by our loans team.

Your loan is flexible;- you can overpay or clear it early without penalties, and there are no arrangement fees to pay. We will tailor the repayment method and date to suit your finances. Unlike other lenders, we don't secure the loan on your home. 

We lend for any reasonable purpose;- you might want to buy a car, pay for a wedding or do home improvements.

If you are under 70 when you take out the loan, your loan will be covered by our free life insurance, subject to certain exclusions.

Your loan will come with built-in savings, as all borrowing members are also requred to save £15 per month in an 'Attached Share' account, locked until the end of the loan. 

You can feel good! By choosing Gateway you will be helping us to grow and offer affordable financial services in your local community.  

For our loan calculator click here


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