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Payroll Partner Loan

Our Payroll Partner Loan offers discounted rates to members repaying via payroll. These rates have been reduced from 1st January 2019 so you now get a lower rate whatever sum you borrow. Click here to check our rates and here to apply for a loan

We lend for all kinds of purposes- a holiday, a car, clearing credit card balances or home improvements, anything from a few hundred pounds to £10,000.

We arrange the terms of the loan to suit you, and there are no penalties for early repayment. Your loan is covered by our free life insurance, too. While you repay your loan we also ask you to save into an Attached Savings account, which are released when the loan is paid off.

Payroll Loans are currently available to people who work for:

If you would like a discounted rate and your employer isn't yet on the list, please introduce us to your HR Manager.

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